What is the PCC?

PCC stands for ‘Parochial Church Council’. Those serving in this way are elected and commit to working with the senior minister in "promoting in the parish the whole mission of the church: pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical" (Church of England 'Representation Rules'). The PCC is a forum to provide feedback and advise the senior minister and leadership. They represent the interests of the whole church family, being a point of contact and consultation within the church. They meet around once per month. They are trustees of a registered charity (no: 1134530).

Who is on the PCC?

  • Jonathan Pryke (Chair)
  • Andrew Coulson (Churchwarden & Treasurer)
  • Will Tufton (Churchwarden & Lay Vice-chair)
  • Liz Jackson (Deanery Synod)
  • Hilary Caisley (Deanery Synod)
  • Andrew Shaw (Deanery Synod)
  • Ramzi Adcock
  • Susan Addison (elected 2022)
  • Kathryn Bell (elected 2024)
  • Yanjun Bromley (elected 2024)
  • Ian Garrett (elected 2022)
  • Jonny Green (elected 2023)
  • Janice Jolley (elected 2024)
  • Donna Lawrence (elected 2022)
  • Susan Lee (elected 2022)
  • Glynis Mackie (elected 2023)
  • Andy Mathers (elected 2023)
  • Jonathan McAllister (elected 2022)
  • Laura Robb (Secretary, elected 2024)
  • Peter Slegg (elected 2022)
  • Oliver Turner (elected 2024)
  • Mark Whitehall (elected 2023)
  • David Holloway (Vicar Emeritus – ex officio)

What is the Jesmond Trust?
This is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which funds most of the staff and much of our ministry; it also enables our mission giving. It is a registered charity number 1193725.

Who are trustees of the Jesmond Trust?

  • Jonathan Pryke (Chair)
  • Hilary Caisley
  • Bob Clifton
  • Andrew Coulson
  • Will Tufton
  • Mark Whitehall