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Celebrate Recovery

We all struggle at times! Many of us would benefit from understanding and applying biblical principles to live free from these struggles. Based on eight biblical principles, Celebrate Recovery's weekly meetings offer support to men and women as they seek freedom from their 'hurts, hang-ups and habits'.

Our new programme begins on the first Monday in January though people are welcome to join any week. If you think Celebrate Recovery might help you, you are very welcome to come along to our Monday evening meetings at 7.30pm in church. The General Meeting Night includes Large Group Time with worship and a Bible-based recovery lesson or testimony. This is followed by gender-specific Open Share Groups which follow 5 group guidelines to keep everyone safe.

In addition to Monday's General Meeting Night, we occasionally offer Step Study groups at a different time in the week where participants work through the Celebrate Recovery Participant’s Guides together in weekly meetings for approximately eight months. A women's online Step Study group begins on Saturday 9th January at 10am and a men's online Step Study Group begins on Tuesday 12th January at 7.30pm. Contact for Zoom details.

Periodically we run an 8-week ‘Biblical Healing Choices’ course. Though this is not Celebrate Recovery, it runs in a similar way and offers input on each Celebrate Recovery principle.

Please get in touch for more information.

To get a print copy of Transforming Lives - 15 Testimonies for 15 Years of Celebrate Recovery at Jesmond Parish Church, email with your postal address and we will post it to you.

Watch this year's Celebrate Evening here:

This is one woman's story of how God has been healing her from a difficult childhood and subsequent destructive behaviours:

This is one man's story of how God is helping him overcome his anger issues:

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