During the Coronavirus pandemic, when we unable to meeting for our services in person, we will provide both a morning (10:30am) and an evening service (6:30pm) every Sunday online. See for more details.

Sermon Series 2020 Nov AM

MORNING SERMON SERIES: Keeping The End in Sight

Is coronavirus a wake-up call from God? Or a judgement? Or even a sign of the end of the world? You may have heard people say all those things. But what does the Bible say to help us understand the events of world history – past, present and future? In Luke 21, we’ll hear Jesus’ teaching about what to expect this side of his second coming, and about how to understand what it means.

Sermon Series 2020 Sep PM


You might think church is something we go to or do – which we can’t really go to or do right now. But Ephesians says church is something we are: God’s family, where he means us to grow together in knowing Jesus and to show the world a love, unity and difference that only Jesus’ work in us can explain. So we’re going to let Ephesians 4-6 tell us, very practically, how to be church.

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