During the Coronavirus pandemic, when we unable to meeting for our services in person, we will provide both a morning (10:30am) and an evening service (6:30pm) every Sunday online. See for more details.

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MORNING SERVICE SERMON SERIES: Romans 8 - Salvation From Start To Finish

Sermon Series 2021 Jan AM

Through Romans 8, God teaches us that our salvation is his work – from his choice to bring us back into relationship with him, to Jesus’ work for us on the cross, to his Spirit’s work in us today, to our own resurrection to be finally with him and like him in glory. Join us to become more sure about how God saves us from start to finish.

EVENING SERVICE SERMON SERIES: Genesis 1-4 - Answers From Creation

Sermon Series 2021 Jan PM

What does it mean to be human? Are we more than chance bundles of chemicals? Or more than animals? Can we be anything we choose to be? Or are we here for a purpose? Is our sense of right and wrong real? Are we basically good – in which case, why is the world so bad? Or are we basically flawed – in which case, what are we meant to be and how can we get back to being it? As people are saying we’re facing ‘the crisis of humanity’, we’re going to find the answers from creation.

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