We're meeting online and in-person for both morning (10:30am) and evening service (6:30pm). These will be two different services, with Bible readings, songs, prayers and a sermon. The morning services also include an all-age talk.

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From Easter to Pentecost - 7 weeks that changed the world

Luke 24 - Acts 2

On Good Friday they put Jesus’ dead body in a tomb. On Easter Sunday it was gone, and Jesus was seen risen from the dead. Seven weeks later, 3,000 people turned to him as Lord and Saviour the very first time the news of his cross and resurrection was preached. What gave those first Christians the conviction it was true? What made their witness to Jesus so powerful? And how can we be like them?

Sermon Series 2021 April AM


Finding Joy

Philippians 4

‘Rejoice in the Lord always,’ wrote Paul to the Philippians. To which you might think, ‘Would he still say that if he knew what we’ve all been through, this last year of Covid and lockdown?’ But Paul wrote that from prison, on trial for his life. Which means he knew all about anxiety, feeling down, thinking negatively, and wishing things were different. And yet he was a model of joy. So we’re going to let him teach us, whatever we’re going through, about finding joy.

Sermon Series 2021 April PM

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