We're now meeting in-person for morning and evening services, with Bible readings, songs, prayers and a sermon.

  • In-person services are at 9.15am, 11am and 6.30pm.
  • Services at 11am and 6.30pm are streamed online.

You no longer need to book to come to the in-person services.

9.15 am service is a shorter (45 minute) version of the morning service. Seating is socially distanced (using only every other row), we expect face coverings to be worn by all who attend. We use pre-recorded music videos but singing is allowed. This is to accommodate those who are more vulnerable or prefer to return initially to a setting that is more 'covid secure'. There will be no children's groups but children would be welcome to join the service.

Masks are encouraged at 11am service. This service includes groups for under 14's - Baby/Toddler Creche, Scramblers, Climbers, Explorers and Pathfinders. PLEASE DROP OFF ALL KIDS BEFORE THE SERVICE BEGINS. If you need assistance look out for Andy Gawn or ask one of the sidemen when you arrive.

For details to watch the services online, please see

You can catch up with sermons from previous weeks on or on Print&Audio.


After God redeemed his Old Testament people from slavery in Egypt into relationship with him, he gave them the ten commandments (and the law that comes after them) to tell them how to live in relationship with him. Taking them one at a time, we’ll see how they are still God’s Word for us today, and how they apply to us who live under Jesus’ lordship.

Sermon Series Spring 2022 AM

EVENING SERMON SERIES: The life of Abraham

Abraham lived 2,000 years before Jesus – yet like us, if we’re Christians, his life was turned around by God’s call to trust and act on his promises. In Genesis 12-17, we’ll learn positively from Abraham’s faith and negatively from his lack of faith. But above all we’ll learn of God’s faithfulness to Abraham – a sinner like us.

Sermon Series Spring 2022 PM

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