We meet in-person for morning and evening services, with Bible readings, songs, prayers and a sermon.

  • In-person services are at 10.30am and 6.30pm. 
  • Both services are streamed online.

The 10.30am service includes groups for under 14's - Baby/Toddler Creche, Scramblers, Climbers (school year R-2), Explorers (school year 3-6) and Pathfinders (school year 7-9).

  • Climbers, Explorers and Pathfinders join the service for the first ten minutes and then leave to join their groups.
  • Children for Creche and Scramblers are dropped off at their groups before the service begins.
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Morning Service: Exodus
Out Of Egypt
Exodus opens with the question you may be asking right now: ‘What on earth is God doing?’ He’s created a people, Israel, to belong to him. He’s promised them blessing in their own land. But now he’s allowed them to be enslaved by the genocidal regime of Egypt. What is he doing? It turns out that he’s setting the scene to reveal himself as the Sovereign Redeemer whose plans no-one and nothing can derail – and that bringing his people out of Egypt will be a gigantic ‘trailer’ for what Jesus would one day do, redeeming us through the cross. So join us to see more of God and the gospel in Exodus.

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Evening Service: Galatians
True freedom
The world says freedom is ‘doing whatever I want’. So it thinks Christianity takes away freedom. But Galatians is about how Jesus actually brings true freedom: the freedom of knowing that what he did for us on the cross leaves us nothing to do, to make ourselves right with God; the freedom, through his Spirit working in us, of not ‘doing whatever we want’ (much of which isn’t good for us or for others); and the promise of the freedom, beyond this life, of being in the new creation and finally able to be who we were always meant to be. Too good to be true? Check out Galatians to see…

If you need assistance look out for Andy Gawn or ask one of the sidemen when you arrive.

For details to watch the services online, please see jpc.org.uk/livestream.

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